About Marlborough & Hungerford Tutors

Finding a personal tutor can be very hit-and-miss...

  • How can you be sure that the person you choose is properly qualified & experienced?
  • What are their professional standards and practice?
  • Students with no experience or training often advertise as tutors.
  • Would you trust your car to a young auto-DIY enthusiast?
  • It’s worse if you are looking for help in a number of subjects.

With this in mind Marlborough and Hungerford tutors was formed a few years ago by experienced private tutors who realised they could perform a valuable service offering personal tuition in a wide range of subjects to a high standard.

Who Can We Help?

Children need help if they are struggling, often through no fault of their own. Perhaps they have missed schooling through illness, changed schools and syllabus, or had a bad experience which has left them with a dislike of a subject. One-to-one tuition can bring real improvements in a short time. Big classes make supporting the individual child very difficult.

Primary students can find themselves falling behind, others may want help for exams at GCSE and A Level. Some may want coaching for Common Entrance to get into an independent school. This can sometimes be provided for small groups as well as individuals and excellent results have been achieved. Other individual needs can also be catered for, such as preparing for International Baccalaureate exams. Each student receives individual tuition precisely targeted to meet their demands.

Adults, who are more likely to want to study for personal fulfilment, may find it more convenient to be taught one-to-one at a time to suit themselves fitting in with working hours. There is no upper age limit to learning – our students have included a septuagenarian who wanted to learn science to understand things that had hitherto been a mystery, and an octogenarian keen to refresh and improve his French before moving to France.