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Vacancies at Marlborough and Hungerford Tutors

With increasing demand for tutoring every year, it is more important than ever that we can offer parents and students a full range of tutoring in all the most popular subjects by the best possible tutors. At the moment we are looking for tutors in three subjects. A degree-level qualification in your subject is essential…
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Why new Grammar Schools are BAD… Or are they?

A recent letter to the Guardian reads: As education organisations representing hundreds of thousands of teachers, support staff, governors and other education professionals, we are united in opposing the government’s plans for expanding selection. It’s clear that most children will lose out in a selective system and most non-grammar schools will find it even harder…
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Private tuition is widespread

Sir Peter Lampl, chair of the Sutton Trust, said: “Private tuition is widespread and increasingly so. Nearly half of teachers have tutored and a quarter of teenagers have been tutored. But with costs of at least £25 per session, many cannot afford to benefit from this extra support, which exacerbates education inequalities. “The trust is…
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