Classics & Latin

Classics & Latin Tutoring

Sarah Smart PhD, MLitt, BA (Hons)

I am a highly qualified Classics tutor with ten years’ experience teaching Classics at university level and four years at school level, as well as private tutoring and Ancient Greek Summer School teaching. I can offer local tutoring in person or online for those further afield.

Subjects and Levels available:

GCSE, AS & A2 level

I can offer tutoring in various different aspects of Classics: language, culture and history.

Much of the tutoring I currently provide is for students focusing on the Classical Civilisation and Ancient History parts of the GCSE, AS & A2 Classics syllabuses which are available from OCR and AQA. These include Ancient Epic, Ancient Tragedy and Comedy, Ancient Historians, Women in the Ancient World, Ancient Philosophy, Ancient Art & Architecture, Roman Britain, Athenian Democracy and Roman Empire.

I also tutor in Classical Greek Language and Literature for AS and A2 level and for Pre-U, and Latin for GCSE.

I am happy to discuss other subjects not covered here so please do contact me with your requirements.

University level specialist tuition

My experience of working at University level means that I can offer tutoring in the following specialised areas of Classics: Ancient Greek Language and Literature (literature in translation as well as in original language), Ancient Philosophy and Ancient Medicine.

What format does tutoring take?

Individual students have different requirements and my first priority when starting out with a new student is to assess just what it is that he or she needs support in; for example, I often find that the help students need is not always with subject content but with academic skills such as essay writing and grammar comprehension. After an initial session with a student I will provide a plan of what I think is needed and, once this has been agreed by the student, I can prepare a timetable of work with specific goals so that a student can map his or her progress. That is not to say that every student needs such an involved approach. For example, some would just like some support with a particular aspect of a subject or some refresher sessions. With this in mind I am happy to provide tuition to supplement school study, assist students preparing for resits, as well as teaching subjects from scratch.

Sessions usually last from 1-2 hours and run on a weekly basis but this arrangement is adaptable. Tutoring is usually carried out on a one-to-one basis (either in person or online) but I am happy to consider tutoring more than one student at once in a group setting. Sessions can be planned for a long term basis or on a short term, intensive basis (often the choice of students who are taking resit papers). My rates start from £25 per hour depending on subject, level, location and nature or teaching required. Block-booking discounts and discounts for group teaching are also available. An initial consultation is free so please do contact me to discuss you requirements.

Please do get in touch with me on to discuss your requirements. Testimonials from previous students and parents are available on request.